L’Arche North Bay is a Community with three Homes and a Day Program

  • Kara Foyer is the founding home with 6 core members and 4 Assistants residing there. The word Kara is the Gothic root of the word “care.”
  • Manu Residence is our second home and was opened in 1988, short for Emmanuel meaning ‘God with us’. Living there are 4 core members as well as 4 Assistants.
  • Our newest home is called Cam’s Place. Cam Ceppetelli had a vision to build a home for his son Bryan where he could live together with his friends in a safe, supportive and accessible environment. In 2010, Cam’s Place opened its doors with 4 core members and a large blended team of live-in & live-out Assistants. What began as a courageous and bold endeavour by a small group of parents eventually blossomed into a beautiful reality.
  • Hosanna is our fourth home, but it’s not one where people live. Hosanna meaning ‘song of joy’ is a house that is used for our day program and office space. It is a place where our core members can come and participate in a variety of activities including many one-on-one engagements within the city of North Bay. The upstairs area is used as our administrative office.

In our homes, chores and responsibilities are shared. Outside of the home, the Core Members have a variety of programs, including volunteer, educational, supported employment, and leisure programs.

Evenings and weekends are times for outings, recreation and relaxation.

Our community has many friends and volunteers who share their ideas, talents and energies with the community members. They often accompany Core Members to extra curricular activities such as aquatics, gym or bowling.

Friendships are at the heart of L’Arche and many people remain faithful to these friendships over many years.