Our Homes

L’Arche North Bay is a Community with Three Homes and a Day Program

Home life is at the heart of L’Arche. The evening meal, birthdays, anniversaries and times of prayer are small but cherished celebrations that strengthen the bond between the six to eight people sharing each home. At L’Arche North Bay, we have three homes located in ordinary neighbourhoods in the heart of North Bay, Ontario.

Many members of L’Arche North Bay are connected to the local churches that community members attend. Prayer is also an important part of each day. At the end of the day, the shared evening meal gives members the opportunity to come together, to reflect on their day and give thanks for the gifts of those around them.

The Homes

Kara Foyer is our founding home. The word ‘Kara’ is the Gothic root of the word ‘care’. Manu is our second home and was opened in 1988. ‘Manu’ is short for Emmanuel meaning, ‘God with us’. Our newest home opened in 2010. Cam’s Place is named after Cam Ceppetelli, a parent of one of our Core Members who had a vision to build a home for his son where he could live with his friends in a safe, supportive and accessible environment.

Our Day Program is located on the main floor of Hosanna, meaning ‘song of joy’. Upstairs at Hosanna is used for administrative offices.

Contact Us

Kara Foyer
House Leader: Alexandra Cunliffe-Johnson
Telephone: (705) 474-0168
Email: kara@larchenorthbay.ca

House Leader: Tammy Dudgeon
Telephone: (705) 474-2254
Email: manu@larchenorthbay.ca

Cam’s Place
House Leader: Taylor Bobbette
Telephone: (705) 478-9871
Email: camsplace@larchenorthbay.ca

Day Program
Program Leader: Shameer Jabbar
Telephone: (705) 474-0081 ext. 8
Email: shameer@larchenorthbay.ca