Assistant Application Form

For Canadian Citizens Only. If you are not a canadian citizen please go to the l’arche canada works website

L’Arche Canada Works Website

1. Personal Information

Complete mailing address

2. Legal Information

Relevant Information

Education, Special Skills & Experience


Please provide the names, e-mail addresses, addresses and telephone numbers of 3 references whom we may contact. One of these references has to have known you since at least 3 years. These references should not be members of your family.

A) Professional reference (ex. Employer, Supervisor, etc.)

B) Teacher, Clergy, etc

C) Close friend, co-worker, etc

6. Submit Application


I declare that the information given on this form is to the best of my knowledge true and complete. I agree to L'Arche checking any references from any L'Arche communities where I am presently or may have been involved. I also agree to any Criminal Records Bureau or Police checks which may be required as part of L'Arche's recruitment procedures.

I agree that the information provided in this application form may be processed by L'Arche in relation to my application for this position to assist in the decision making process. I further expressly agree that, should it be necessary to validate any of the information provided therein, L'Arche may release the information for verification purposes. If I am successful in my application, it is agreed that any information provided will be retained by L'Arche in a secure and confidential file, and the contents only used for necessary business purposes, subject to my express consent for disclosure where necessary.