Complaints Process

complaints process

L’Arche is committed to providing quality service that is responsive to the needs of the individuals with an intellectual disability we support. We continually strive to improve services and recognize that information received through a complaints process may assist the community to take steps to better serve individuals and/or improve existing practices. The intent of this policy is to ensure that complaints are responded to fairly, promptly and consistently, and wherever possible, resolved in a manner that enhances service provision and elevates best practice. 


Complaints may be initiated by a person with an intellectual disability, individuals acting on their behalf, and other interested parties who believe they have a justifiable complaint. L’Arche will take all complaints seriously and shall receive, document, review and where possible, resolve all complaints. The mechanism for resolving complaints will include a fair review process that is free of conflict of interest between the person who makes the complaint and the individual(s) involved in its review. 

In order to ensure information about the complaint policy and procedure is widely available and well understood, a copy of the Complaints Process Policy is available to any person who requests it. Click here to download a copy of the Complaints Process policy.

A plain language version of the policy with visual aids is also available here.  

how to submit a complaint or offer feedback

You have 3 ways to submit a complaint.

  1. Email us at with your suggestions. The Community Leader will respond to any complaint regarding the health and safety of one of our members within 24 hours, and within 3 business days to any other complaint.
  2. Submit an online form:

3. Download, print and mail the Complaint Card:

Complaint Card

Mail to:

L’Arche North Bay
Attn: Community Leader
102 First Avenue East
North Bay, Ontario 
P1B 1J6


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